Well… we have just finished looking at the photos and wow. I’m going to gush now I really hope it doesn’t make you uncomfortable! I swear I’m not a mental!! 
I don’t think that it can fully be put into words how appreciative we are of how you have captured our wedding day. The day was literally the best one either of us have had-it goes by so quickly and you find yourself trying to clutch onto the moments like trying to keep sand in your hands. Your photos have made so many things come gushing back in full beautiful jewel like colour it’s quite overwhelming. I apologise if I’m gushing but it is quite hard not to. Not only have you captured us in a way we didn’t think possible (we look pretty buff not to get a big head) but you have captured thoes we love in such a beautiful way. Even though you had never met anyone you have got their BLOOMIN souls down! In a completely cheesy way you also captured our love (pass the sick bucket but true!) I know we’ve said it but everyone commented on how lovely you were as a person ( a gent as my dad said) and how sometimes it was like you were invisible at the same time-getting into the nooks and crannies! From a photography level (as we did both do photography!)  you have some absolute corkers worthy of Martin Parr to the great Caravaggio! 
So yes to sum up you are a ruddy king of all! It took us 3 hours to look at them and we rigged it up to the telly so had it in full def!! 

Dale’s work was perfect for our location and theme, he is professional yet a lovely kind person and makes anyone feel at ease

We’re both so happy with how things have turned out. Its made a huge difference having someone so likeable and easy to chat to – made us feel at ease and relaxed from the off which was brilliant.

I can’t stop looking through the photos – I’m so happy with them. It’s going to be a difficult job to pick the ones to print for an album!

We’ve received the albums and we just wanted to say thank you so much for giving so much attention to them! We were just so giddy with excitement gazing at all of your photos and seeing how each one tells us a story. Maybe we are biased because it was our wedding but every picture made us smile and reminded us of what a great day that was. Maybe we can get married again so we have an excuse to get you as our photographer 

The moment I saw Dale on the morning of my wedding, I genuinely had to have a moment to stop and remember he was my photographer and not my mate popping round midst bridal prep frenzy. 

I just wanted to say thank you from Heather and I for the wonderful job you did at our wedding. It was lovely to have you be part of our day and the pictures were exactly what we wanted.

When Graeme and I began to plan our wedding one thing that made us squirm a little was the thought of having to pose awkwardly for our pictures – Graeme came across Dale’s website and we were instantly drawn in to his no nonsense approach, and true to life pictures. We were planning a wedding that represented us, and whilst there were definitely times I had to give Graeme a nudge when he would said the word ‘party’ instead of ‘wedding’, we both knew that what we really wanted was to get our family and friends together for one big celebration.

I’m a sucker for a good website, and a personal approach. Working in PR I feel I can sniff out jargon from a mile off – everything about Dale’s communication was professional, friendly and most importantly, genuine. Within days we’d booked our photographer and the sense of relief just kept coming as we received Dale’s awesome brochure, and saw his amazing work keep coming through on our Facebook feed. We knew we’d made the right decision. 

On the day itself, Dale was brilliant – one of our biggest compliments the next day from our guests was about Dale! Everyone loved his approach, especially us. It was only until we received the pictures that it’s sunk in just how grateful we are to have had him as our photographer. Dale slips into the crowd, he doesn’t interfere, and each precious moment which often felt like a second long, was captured – I don’t know how he did it!

On our first day back at work after the wedding and honeymoon, Dale sent through the photographs. We sat down with a glass of wine with the biggest grins on our faces. If I wanted anything from my wedding pictures, it was to show how much fun we had, and boy did Dale do that. The happiness from the day literally radiates from the pictures – it’s incredible.

This testimonial won’t do much justice; I can’t put in words just how thankful we are to have had Dale as our photographer. Once we managed to peel the bridesmaids off hugging him when he left, there was a moment I just knew that our wedding photographs were in the safest of hands with Dale.

Three days on after having them, and it’s become almost a daily ritual to scroll through them all again and again.

We can’t thank you enough Dale – you’re amazing at what you do, we are so lucky you captured our day!

Omg they’re absolutely incredible!! Thank you so much!!! You can really feel the atmosphere and everyone looks like they’re having so much fun Eeee!

I can’t stop looking at them all. We’ve showed our close friends and family and they adore them also.

Thank you so much, these pictures are awesome! You’ve done such a brilliant job of capturing the ‘homely’ feel of the wedding, and we love the woodland shots too. We’re chuffed. But then we knew we would be – we love your photography. 

AHHHHHHHHHHHH they are amazing 😀 we are so so happy with them 😀 they captured the day perfectly and how it was,  so much happiness and smiles!!!!! 

We can’t thank you enough for being our photographer and doing such a good job, all the guests were saying how fab you were and a bunch of folk thought you were one of the guests.