Sophie found me through Rock N Roll Bride.
    Kat messaged and said she had just met this super fun bride at a wedding fair and she was excited to get in touch with me about shooting her wedding.
    I waited a little while and she finally got in touch.

    Chris and Sophie were super lovely and supportive and I felt so at ease shooting their wedding!!
    (and how cool is this testimonial!)

    Well… we have just finished looking at the photos and wow. I’m going to gush now I really hope it doesn’t make you uncomfortable! I swear I’m not a mental!! 
    I don’t think that it can fully be put into words how appreciative we are of how you have captured our wedding day. The day was literally the best one either of us have had-it goes by so quickly and you find yourself trying to clutch onto the moments like trying to keep sand in your hands. Your photos have made so many things come gushing back in full beautiful jewel like colour it’s quite overwhelming. I apologise if I’m gushing but it is quite hard not to. Not only have you captured us in a way we didn’t think possible (we look pretty buff not to get a big head) but you have captured thoes we love in such a beautiful way. Even though you had never met anyone you have got their BLOOMIN souls down! In a completely cheesy way you also captured our love (pass the sick bucket but true!) I know we’ve said it but everyone commented on how lovely you were as a person ( a gent as my dad said) and how sometimes it was like you were invisible at the same time-getting into the nooks and crannies! From a photography level (as we did both do photography!)  you have some absolute corkers worthy of Martin Parr to the great Caravaggio! 
    So yes to sum up you are a ruddy king of all! It took us 3 hours to look at them and we rigged it up to the telly so had it in full def!!