Hi I'm Dale.

    I've found that I am way better at communicating through photography than I am by typing words into a computer...
    But while you're here, I'll tell you everything you need to know about me!

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    I live in Bexhill on sea - between Hastings and Brighton.
    But I shoot weddings all over the country.
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    So, after dropping out of college twice to follow my dream of playing in a band, it took until my mid-twenties to really get into photography and realise that I enjoyed being around people and photographing them.

    Why weddings?
    Because weddings can be super fun – traditions are slightly phased out, no one has to stand in a line and fake smile next to people they barely know.
    You can plan your day your way – and I love documenting interactions and focusing on telling the story of your day.

    I got married on a Saturday in 2015 at The Bell in Ticehurst, then on the Monday we hopped on a plane and landed in Chicago – spending 3 weeks travelling around Nashville, Lynchburg, Memphis, Clarksdale, Natchez, New Orleans and New York.
    It was such a sweet adventure.

    2018 will be my 6th year shooting weddings, starting with wedding number 164 (?!)
    This job has taken me to many places, all over the country – even the south of France and Italy – but I get my kicks when I meet couples in love!